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Blind Chinese Activist is Heading to US

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is heading to the United States with his family. A few hours before he left China, he voiced serious concerns over his relatives left behind.

Guangcheng won plaudits for investigating rights abuses, including forced sterilizations and late term abortions under Chinese controversial “one-child” family planning policy. He was under house arrest but later escaped and sought refuge at the US embassy. The escape triggered a massive diplomatic row between the US and China. According to sources, he boarded a United Airlines flight for New York.

A close confidante of Guangchen was quoted by a news agency that he was in good spirits before he boarded the flight. Guangcheng is accompanied by his wife and two of their children aged eight and six. The Guardian Express learns that the activist will be enrolled at the University of New York to complete his studies on law.