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Bono’s Facebook Investment and U2’s Comeback Album

By Amanda Shore

Before Facebook became a publically traded company this morning. Bono, from U2, bought 2.3% of Facebook’s shares in 2009. Because of the high price per stock, Bono is expected to make $1.5 billion total from the investment. This would make his net worth higher than Paul McCartney, whose net worth is little more than $1 billion.

Bono countered this statement. “Contrary to reports, this boy is not a billionaire or going to be richer than any Beatle.”

As far as his Facebook investment, he states that he feels blessed and that he felt rich when he was 20 years old and his wife paid all of his bills. He remained humble about his wealth as he continued talking about technology, artistry, politics and forces that shape the world.

He is planning on furthering his musical career by releasing a comeback album with his band U2. They are working together with the Swedish songwriter Carl Falk to create a new album of hits.