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Burned Toddler Left Untreated for 8 Days

By Collette Bender

A toddler is in critical condition after his stepfather allowed him to go untreated for more than a week with severe burns over a third of his body.
Demar Barnes, 20, of Las Vegas, was left in charge of his 18-month old stepson, Kevion, when the boy’s mother, Dailasia Williamson, 18, went out of town for work on April 28. Ms. Williamson fielded disturbing telephone calls from Mr. Barnes and a friend about her son’s condition, and returned on May 2. Upon seeing the extent of her son’s injuries, she called 911. Until her return, the boy had languished without proper medical care.
The child was burned over 30% of his body, including legs, feet, and genitals. The second- and third-degree burns blistered and were bleeding, and paper was embedded in the wounds where Mr. Barnes claimed he tried to clean them with paper towels and peroxide. According to Mr. Barnes, the wounds were caused by a hot bath, though police don’t believe that is the cause of the injuries.
The injuries were allegedly inflicted on April 25, though Mr. Barnes was in possession of a cell phone photo of the wounds, dated April 24. The toddler also suffered a broken clavicle, alleged by Mr. Barnes to have occurred on April 6 when Kevion fell out of a shopping cart onto his head.
Mr. Barnes was held earlier in April for domestic violence against Ms. Williamson, and was released shortly before she left town.
Kevion remains in critical condition at University Medical Center. Mr. Barnes was arrested May 3 and is in custody at the Clark County Detention Center on felony charges of child abuse with substantial bodily harm and child neglect with substantial bodily harm. He is being held without bail.