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CCSD To Cut 1,015 Teaching Positions

protests against cuts in education  By Albert Angulo

On Wednesday, The Clark County School District voted to cut more than 1,000 positions in spite of heckling from teachers’ union members at a raucous meeting that also included a walkout by school board members.

The board voted Wednesday to close a $59 million budget gap by eliminating 840 teacher jobs and 175 literacy specialist positions. That’s about 6 percent of the district’s18,000 licensed employees.

Union members led chants and booed their opponents at the meeting. Board members walked out briefly in protest.

Layoffs come after an arbitrator ruled teachers should get raises for the current and next school year. The district had asked its teachers to accept a pay freeze. The number of layoffs may be reduced by retirements and resignations, but district officials say class sizes will increase.

We are not behaving like the best country in the world. When we sacrifice education just so some “school board executives” can keep their abusively high salaries. Shouldn’t we be doing the totally opposite thing? Haven’t we realized that education is actually the only way out of all our crises, including the recession? I would rather sacrifice budgets on sidewalks or roads than have a second-class educated generation.

The recession won’t be over until we raise a generation that knows how to live on what they’ve got.