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Crystal Ball “Uncut” Part 1

By Dock Walls

Over the past several weeks the Guardian Express LV has featured Fashion designer Crystal Ball. Initially, we were inspired to simply write an article about a Las Vegan who had distinguished herself and was giving back to the community. However, the overwhelming response made it quite clear that our readers were interested in hearing more about Ms. Ball, her “So Crystal” designs and her work with our young people. So, to satisfy reader demand, I sat down with Crystal and asked her questions designed to help you get to know her better.
Dock Walls: Who is Crystal Ball?
Crystal Ball: I’m an artist who has chosen to express my artistic talents in a lot of different ways. As a teenager, I started my career as a model, walking runways. I got a rush whenever the show producer would yell “It’s showtime.” I still remember the first time the late Charles Douglass, the best commentator ever, stopped in the middle of describing the outfit I was modeling and asked, “Doesn’t Crystal looks just a like a graceful swan out there on the runway?” The audience erupted into a frenzied applause. Word spread. It wasn’t long before I was featured in fashion shows, all around Chicago. People flocked to see my fluid stride and runway demeanor. Back then, modeling didn’t pay much, but it made me somewhat famous. I quickly learned that being famous was fun, but expensive. To be free to pursue my modeling career, I became a hair designer for some of Chicago’s wealthiest women. I enjoyed giving them the fabulous looks they desired.
Dock Walls: Do you have any hidden talents that even most of your friends don’t know about?
Crystal Ball: Funny you asked that. Actually, I’m a self trained painter. I really enjoy making a blank canvas come alive. The time I spend in the art studio is therapeutic. Similar to my clothes, my paintings are simple, but memorable. Eventually, I want to custom paint my fashions.
Dock Walls: Do you sell your paintings?
Crystal Ball: I’ve sold a few pieces. Mostly to friends who have come to my home and, after seeing them, decided they just had to have one. I wish I had more time to concentrate on my painting. It’s a rewarding form of artistic expression but, for the time being, the painting thing is mostly for me.
Dock Walls: The question most often asked by our readers, who have become familiar with the fact that you are a clothes designer, is “What drives you?”
Crystal Ball: I’m driven to be the best. I truly enjoy creating airy garments that are simple, elegant, and fun for women of all shapes and sizes. My design are different from all others. I fill the void and help ladies show off their stylish side.
Dock Walls: The other question often asked is, “What’s next for Crystal?”
Crystal Ball: My life is exciting. Last week, I was the featured designer at a exclusive showing for some of Las Vegas’ most notable ladies. I filmed a segment for The Food Network. According to my discerning co-members of the “Women Who Whine” social club, my a scrumptious dish didn’t just look good, it was, delectable, delightful and delicious. This past weekend, I traveled to Hattisburg, Mississippi to teach a John Robert Power’s Modeling and Image Development course for young ladies. This week I will devote a lot of time to reaching out to people with contacts that may be able to help me become a contestant on the second season of the NBC show “Fashion Star.” I truly believe I have what it takes to win that competition.
More to come next week. Local talent wanted!!!