Four women and two men sentenced to death in Pakistan because they danced at a wedding

Contributed by Roy Denish

Don’t dance at wedding parties because you would be sentenced to death: Four women and two men in a remote village of Pakistan have learned a “death” lesson.

In a bizarre tell-tale of news, the four women and men were sentenced to death because they danced and sang together at a wedding party at a village named Kohistan, a village located 100 miles north of Pakistan’s Capital, Islamabad.

The clerics imposed a decree because the village law prevents men and women inter-mingling at social gatherings. Reports say the clerics over-reacted because the “jiggling” was posted online by a patron of the event.

Reports further said the men in fear fled the village and the women are under house-arrest. There has been no evidence that the men and women were inter-mingling. They were dancing separately.

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