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By Phyllis Dolinsky

My Mom and Dad were really blessed to have a marriage that would be described as “made in Heaven.” When my father died, making her a widow at age 67, my brother, sister and I all worried how mom would survive. Being the only one of her children that lived nearby and the working mother of four young children, I tried to make it a point to visit as often as possible.

I had a bad back and was going through a rough patch with it when the doctor said, “you have to leave the house for two weeks because you cannot lift the babies or take care of them. If not, I will put you in the hospital.” I called my mom and moved in with her. At the end of the two weeks, as I was getting ready to leave, she told me, “Phyllis, you saved my life. I had decided not to eat again, I wanted to die, but you having come here made me see how selfish that was. You need me. I have a reason to live. Thank you.” We both cried. Mother’s day was always special.

She lived a full, active life for another 11 years and we were best friends. I was truly blessed and we were lucky to have expressed our friendship and love for each other.