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Obama and Hillary are Ticket to White House

By Cheyenne Kent

Jerry Sakura has found the winning ticket for President Barack Obama’s reelection: Obama and Hillary 2012. The self-described loyal Democrat and U.S. congressional candidate for the third district of Nevada says he’s recently spoken with Delaware Attorney-General, Beau Biden, the son of Vice-President Joe Biden and secretly discussed the plan.

“The Republicans are so clever,” said Sakura, who has three Republican brothers who are physicians. “Every little advantage, they take, and they are very focused. [The Democrats] do not have a focus and we don’t want to debate. [We] are not loyal to each other.”
Sakura stated that voters do not consider Biden an asset to Obama because Republicans could neutralize him. However, as the vice-presidential candidate, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton would make Obama unbeatable.

“Look how [Clinton] has matured,” enthused Sakura, describing Clinton as the next [former Secretary of State] Madeline Albright and pointed out the respect and praise her work in the State Department has generated throughout her tenure. “She’s becoming extremely statesmanlike.”

Sakura’s plan is that Clinton and Biden switch jobs. He acknowledged a difficulty for the plan because protocol dictates that a vice-president can’t be asked to step down however strong the need for a “strong vice-presidential candidate.”

“It would be a slap on the wrist [for Biden],” he agreed, calling for both Biden and Clinton to step down from their current offices for “the good of the party,” much like Clinton did in the 2008 Democratic convention, which paved the way for Obama’s victory. But, he cautioned, such a move should be considered a promotion for Biden and Clinton should Obama win reelection with Clinton as his running mate and in turn appoint Biden as Secretary of State in his second administration.

He said that in this position, Biden would get the spotlight, recognition and respect such an important job entails, while as Vice President, Clinton would reap the experience of the White House and the backing to launch and win a future Presidential bid.

“Joe Biden is smart,” Sakura stated. “Here is an opportunity to out-fox the fox.”