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The Guardian’s Anthem Adventure

By Rhonda Leon

April 23, 2012

Last Thursday, a group of us from The Guardian Express gathered in Anthem to do some delivery research. By that, I mean that we rolled and placed elastic bands on 5000 of our newspapers and then spent ten hours delivering them door-to-door (or shall I say, driveway to driveway) throughout non-gated areas of beautiful Anthem.

Our publisher, DiMarkco Chandler, wanted to know, first-hand, what it took to do a job like that: time-wise, gas-wise and mental-wise. Mentally, it wasn’t that bad. Driving up and down streets in Anthem is kind of like taking the train through Disneyland: hundreds of cute, pretend creatures from wolves and raccoons to lizards and tortoises (LOTS of tortoises!) interspersed throughout some VERY fine landscaping. We even saw LIVE animals — cottontails and desert quail! So yes, it was a pleasant journey and it was also fun trying to drive faster than DiMarkco could toss the papers. We learned that two couples spending four hours a week could accomplish the task of delivering the 5000 copies we just added to our circulation. We figured out how much we’d need to pay those couples, and now we are looking for two wonderful couples who could benefit from some extra income and wouldn’t mind spending four hours a week delivering newspapers and enjoying their own Anthem adventures. We do cover gas, but you will need to use your own vehicle. If you or someone you know would be interested in this job opportunity, please contact The Guardian Express, at 702-625-2303 or email [email protected]