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Which Came First…The Chicken or The Egg?

By Jo Rooks

There are theories that we are what we think, that our thoughts determine our life path, and that if we think “correctly,” we can manifest our life to be exactly how we want it.

I am by no means saying this theory is correct or incorrect. I don’t know if thoughts can manifest our life path or if our life path manifests our thoughts. It’s kind of like the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Who knows? It’s not like we can test the theory. Let’s say I am thinking certain thoughts and it manifests. I can’t exactly “go back” and see if the same thing manifests if I’m not thinking the thoughts. I do know that things seem to go better when I keep my thoughts positive.

When I believe the best in others, I seem to feel better, and I’m happier. When I try to find something positive in each situation and think everything happens for a reason, life seems to go more smoothly. So in this sense, my thoughts manifest a positive outlook on life, creating a personal happiness.

Believe me, I am not perfect at this! I know that if I am in a negative mood, there is nothing worse than a very positive person because they make “miserable me” crazy! Seriously, misery loves company, not positivity! And I was always annoyed by those overly positive people; you know, the ones who exuberantly use words like “super” no matter what the situation. I usually label them as “fake,” but who am I to judge? There’s always the theory of “fake it until you make it,” and maybe that’s what they are doing or maybe they aren’t being fake at all. Misery does love company; but really, who wants to be around a bunch of miserable people?

I have tried manifesting through thought. I have affirmed numerous times a day that I am at a certain weight. It is a bit hard to believe when I step on the scale in the morning and it shows 20 pounds heavier than my affirmation, but I continue to affirm this just in case it happens to work!

My husband read about a man who continually used the expression, “I would give my right arm for my daughter to have the opportunity to…” and as it turned out, the man had an accident and actually did lose his right arm, and his daughter did get the opportunity. Which came first, the chicken or the egg here? Did this man’s use of the expression manifest the positive opportunity for his daughter and the accident or would his daughter have gotten the opportunity and the accident have happened even if he hadn’t used that expression? Again, we can’t “rewind” and try it again without the expression/thought to see what would happen.

After reading this, my husband said he was going to quit using the expression “that burns my ass” when something upset him because he didn’t want it to become literal. I agreed and told him I was going to say “that burns the fat right off my ass” instead, just in case there was something to this!

We got to talking about other negative expressions that we use without thinking of what we are actually saying and how we can change them just in case. For instance, “That makes my skin crawl,” will be changed to “That makes my skin smooth,” or, “That really pisses me off,” now will become “That really teaches me patience.” “That makes my stomach turn,” changes to, “That makes my stomach flat and firm.” Instead of, “That makes me freaking crazy,” will be, “That makes me freaking wealthy!”

I am not one-hundred-percent positive that our thoughts determine our destiny, and I don’t have one-hundred-percent faith in my choice of thoughts or that I actually know what I want my destiny to be. I am not sure I am the greatest navigator for a trip as big as my life path! I am going to continue to practice being more positive than negative, but I am going to reserve a time or two to have a few negative moments because, to be truthful, it just feels good once in a while. I am going to choose positivity with things that develop in my life and continue to believe everything happens for a reason. However, I am personally going to leave my life path to divine guidance, trusting in a power bigger than myself and continuing with daily affirmations and gratitude for abundance of health, wealth, happiness and inner peace.