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Will We Ever Learn

By Bridgette Bryant

A quick wake up call: It’s time to fix Nevada!

We have had over a decade to face the fact that things just are not the way they used to be.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Nevada refuses to do things differently. For example, our state is still cutting spending in our worst areas of performance. We’re still waiting on casinos to provide for our families instead of taking the reins and taking care of ourselves. We’re still selling our souls in the form of tax incentives in order to entice businesses to come here even though they just end up bringing people from their out-of-state headquarters to man their management positions and hire our people as service laymen.

We’re doing everything we’ve always done but wondering why we aren’t getting a better result.

Our state has experienced so many booms and busts you would think that we would have learned our lesson and made a decision to shift our focus to economic longevity by now.

We are a state filled with innovators, go-getters, business moguls, and survivors (AND there’s gold in them, thar’ mountains! In fact, private companies currently mine 79% of all the gold of the United States in our state). We’ve got more celebrities in and out of our town than any other city in America. And we’ve got every type of geographical landscape imaginable, from the hiking mountains of Red Rock, to the slopes of Mount Charleston, to the Air Force base area and the world famous city life of the Strip. Not to mention the posh coves of Lake Las Vegas, glistening waters of Lake Mead and the rolling hills of Anthem.

Las Vegas is a world-class destination filled with opportunity and ingenuity and it’s time we started looking like it.

Over the next several weeks I am going to take a journey into our future. We will take a look at the politics of our situation from a non-partisan view, as well as the avenues that are available to us for recovery and, together, we will come up with the most effective ways to dig ourselves out of this hole and show the world that we are not the worst at anything.

Will you join me? It’s time to fix Nevada.