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Condoleeza Rice is just saying No!

By Kelly J Newson and Amanda Shore

Condoleeza Rice is just saying no to any speculation of being Mitt Romney’s running mate. She just isn’t interested but says she will support Romney’s ticket whoever he picks. Rice, a former Secretary of State in President George Bush’s cabinet, says she isn’t interested in any elective office, and honestly, she would have been a great pick for Vice President. On ‘CBS this Morning,’ Dr. Rice also said, “There is no way that I will do this because it’s really not me. I know my strengths and weaknesses,” and, “I love policy. I’m not particularly fond of politics.”

Rice has also spoken out against President Obama’s foreign policy, saying, “When things are moving in many directions as they are … the United States can’t lead from behind, the United States has to have a view, it has to gather people around that view, and frankly I think we need to do more of that,” said Rice. “The last several years I think we’ve been lacking on that front.”

While people will likely still talk about the possibility of Rice becoming Romney’s running mate until the day that he announces otherwise, you can be sure that she will not be running for vice president.