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Democrats say they support the poor but their actions don’t

By Randy Rose

Look around at the poor and you can be certain that a huge percentage are registered democrat. The democrats are primarily full of Progressives, so they are well adept at lying and causing the masses to believe the lie as truth. Democrats lie about racism; you can read my article ‘Zimmerman is a Democrat’ to learn the racism deeply embedded in the Democratic Party. Yet with the truth always out there to be seen, the democrats are masters of deception. They say, “We want to help the poor and the children.” It sounds great, but then they decide that you are no longer allowed to light your own home with incandescent light bulbs: You must use the mercury-filled fluorescent light bulbs that retail for $5.00, but the incandescent retails for .69 for four light bulbs. There is a huge price increase from 4/.69 to 4/$20, and the incandescents that last 1/3 the time, even after the math, you can see $2.76 for incandescent and $20 for fluorescent is still a financial burden for the poor. President Obama has always been clear that energy “prices will necessarily skyrocket under my plan,” and gasoline has gone from $1.83/gallon on January 20, 2009 and was $3.89/gallon a week ago. Both those great plans from the democrats sure did help the poor.

The real rich, the old money, is in the hands of democrats. That is why they always have more campaign funds. When you are rich, $4.00/gallon is no big deal, but the poor take it hard financially, and that is the democrats keeping them in their place. The fact is that it is easier to control poor people. The cornerstone of the Progressives is to take control of you and strip you of your liberties. Have you noticied that your electric bill is higher this year? That is due to the democrats and their Green Agenda, which is a huge asset that can be used to control the masses. The electric bill is up, gas prices are up, food prices are up and lightbulbs are going up, so how does this help the poor? So you keep electing the Progressives like Obama, Romney, Reid and Shelly B., then you wonder why we are in the state of affairs that we are in now. There is a solution to all these problems and more. Would you like more money in your pocket? Would you like home prices stabilizing, job growth and a growing economy? This is all within reach. Pick up next week’s Guardian Express to learn the solutions when I interview Chris Edwards.