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Facebook plans to allow 13 year olds to access its site

Good news for 13 year olds, bad news for parents.

The social media giant Facebook is reportedly testing its waters to permit 13 year olds and under to access the site under the supervision of parents.

The Wall Street Journal citing unnamed sources ran the story in its Monday edition. Facebook is being used by over 900 million people currently, and by allowing children access to the site, it is understood that the numbers would be doubled within the space of three months.

But nothing has been finalized, and the questions are being raised at what cost the children would be provided access? There had been incident of pedophiles lurking the sites to lure children for sex. And the site is “hackers’ paradise.” Although Facebook repeatedly claimed the site is safe and secured, millions of accounts have been hacked to steal private data.

What Facebook is proposing is similar to the strategies used by Big Tobacco in appealing to young people – try to hook kids early, build your brand, and you have a customer for life,” said a statement from James Steyer, the CEO of Common Sense Media, an organization known for taking a protective view of children on the internet.