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Northern Nevada rising from the ashes

By James Turnage

A couple of short years ago, as I walked through my neighborhood, I felt depressed and even a little fearful. White paper on doors or in front windows seemed to be everywhere. Our suburban development, which was affordable to middle class families when it was built, was now flooded with foreclosures.

Today, there are far fewer. The street on which I live has none.

The best news comes from the city itself. The city council has approved tax breaks which will allow “Apple” to build a data center east of Sparks and a purchasing center in downtown Reno. The 90 million dollar tax break is expected to bring in one billion dollars to the economy over the next ten years. Initially there will be numerous construction jobs. Once construction is finished, mayor Bob Cashell sees opportunities for the students at UNR as well as many other job seekers. The city council’s vote was unanimous. Apple has three data centers in the world, and Reno will have one of them. They hope that the move by Apple will inspire other like companies to consider relocating to Reno.

The other good news comes from city manager, Andrew Clinger, who reports city revenues are up, providing for a balanced budget. For the first time in five years, there have been no layoffs of city personnel. Twelve new police officers have been hired.

I just might have to start listening to the local news again. There’s hope on the horizon.