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Obesity affects fertility and IVF

By Kyra Hall

Obesity in women has long been linked to fertility problems such a polycystic ovary syndrome and miscarriages.

A new study has found that obese women are also less likely to give birth after having an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) performed. It is believed that the build-up of excess fatty tissue in women leads them to have hormonal imbalances, which negatively impact fertility. Short term weight loss of a few pounds was found to have little effect on the success of IVF. Women who were overweight had success with IVF only 23 percent of the time versus a 42 percent success rate for women closer to a normal weight. In some studies, it is shown that only obese women experience adverse effects while other studies suggest that women who are merely overweight can also be impacted. More studies are being done on the correlation between obesity and female infertility, and time will tell if doctors can come up with a good solution for severely overweight women.