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Operation on fetus successful

By Amanda Shore

Mother Tammy Gonzalez noticed a “bubble” coming from her fetus’ mouth after a scan at 17 weeks. After closer examination, doctors found out that it was an oral teratoma, a benign tumor. These are rare, and doctors said there was a very small chance that the baby would survive. The doctors performed an operation while the baby was still in the womb to remove the tumor, and


then they hoped that the baby would survive.

Ruben Quintero, a doctor who is well-known for his work in removing birth defects before babies are ever born, explained the risks of the operation to the hopeful parents. When Gonzalez was presented with the option to go through with the operation or not, she said, “Let’s give it a chance.” Gonzalez was awake for the entire procedure.

Five months later, Leyna was born. She is now a healthy child, almost two years old. Leyna recently visited the Jackson Memorial Hospital and high-fived one of the doctors that helped to save her life. It was a touching moment for her parents.