Passenger jet crashes into a two storey building in Nigeria killing all 147 on board

Contributed By Roy Denish

A passenger jet crashed into a two story building and burst into flames, killing all on board in the capital of Nigeria on Sunday. It is estimated all 147 passengers, including women and children, died in the accident.

The flight originated from Lagos and was on its way to a city named Abuja when the pilot informed that he was returning to Lagos because there was a problem during the take off. Initial reports said the plane hit the two story building on its return to the original destination.

“We believe there are no survivors, but the search crew is on the ground looking for survivors,” a Nigerian aviation ministry spokesman said.

The carnage was posted online by onlookers, and it is believed at least three buildings, including a church, were severely damaged in the crash. The Arab Television Network, Al Jazeera, quoted eye witnesses who said the plane hit power lines before crashing into the buildings.

The crash comes just 24 hours after another plane crashed into a public passenger bus in Ghana, killing 10 on board.

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