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President Obama flips on his policy

By Randy Rose

President Obama declared Executive Privilege in an effort to stave off contempt charges against his friend Eric Holder. Eric Holder is the Department of Justice head and therefore should be above politics and turn over the 70,000 documents the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee requested. The Committee has voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt for not turning over the documents. The fact that President Obama declared Executive Privilege now implicates him when all along he has been distancing himself from the whole ordeal.

“He’s either part of it or not,” Representative Trey Gowdy, a Republican from South Carolina, said on Wednesday at the committee meeting on Holder, “If he is a part of it,” he was referring to President Obama, “then we have had a series of witnesses that have misled this committee. And if he is not part of it, then he has no business asserting Executive Privilege.”

This is the first time President Obama has declared Executuive Privilege because he has always been against it.

He was against it before he was for it. He blasted President Bush for using it, and now he is guilty of the same thing.

Eric Holder is not officially held in contempt until the whole House votes on it. Both the White House and the Justice Department slammed the committee vote as political. Eric Holder, in Holland, called the move “unwarranted, unnecessary and unprecedented.” In my opinion, the Administration has committed a lot of unprecedented activities, like ignoring the Constitution and taking away our liberties.