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Syria Shoots At Another Turkish Aircraft

By Randy Rose

Remember last week when Syria shot down an F-4 Phantom jet on patrol that caused it to be down? The pilot and navigator are still missing. Syria just shot at the rescue plane, a CASA search and rescue plane. Bulent Arinc, Turkey’s deputy prime minister, did not say if the plane was hit. He said Syria stopped shooting after a warning from the Turkish military. This is another example of the Syrian military on a hair trigger. Syria has already filed a complaint with NATO’s governing body, but there will not be a military response.

“What happenened is to be considered very seriously,” said Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal, “but we do not go for any interventions.” On Monday, foreign ministers from the 27 European Union countries condemned Syria’s downing Friday of the first Turkist jet but said the bloc would not support military action in the troubled country.