Update: Club manger arrested after Chris Brown and Drake fight

By Justine Espersen

If you have been following the latest gossip and news, you will realize singer Chris Brown and Drake got into a “bottle-throwing” fight at a New York City club Wednesday night. However, reports now say police have arrested the club owner after discovering his two outstanding warrants for arrest.

Manger of Greenhouse Jonathan Cantor was summoned for a noise violation for loud music and arrested for his open warrants. Brown and Drake fought at club W.i.P., which is located in the basement of Greenhouse.

With the brawl, Brown tweeted about the fight, including a photo of himself. Despite deleting most of the posts, they can still be viewed on Topsy.

In part of the stars’ injuries, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker received an injury to his eye during the fight and will be taking the injury to court, according to ABCNews.com and Reuters.
Additionally, according to ABCNews.com, a model at the party and woman who was by a bottle during the fight both filed a complaint.

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