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What if we didn’t raise property taxes

By Tom Jones

An article in the Review Journal was titled, “Voters to decide on tax increase to improve schools.” Once again, our politicians want to spend more money to solve a problem. Instead of looking for other solutions to the problem, they decide to raise taxes.

Naturally, they have a good reason to raise taxes. They need more money to improve education. They need money to pay the interest on bonds and improve the schools. Some of the schools I attended were over 80 years old, yet we received a better education than our children do today in these more modern schools. If we don’t have the money to remodel or build more modern schools, we have to use what we have. The schools are not the problem.

Nevada is almost last in education, so it is true that we need to do something to improve education. The question should be how we improve education without spending more money.

What if, instead of raising taxes, we:

1. Cut administration costs. Administration costs are almost 50 percent of the budget.
2. Stop social promotion. Stick to the basics. Children are overwhelmed in high school and drop out.
3. Start a voucher program. It would reduce the per student cost to public education.
4.Reduce illegal immigration. Enact laws like Arizona and Oklahoma to reduce education costs.
5.Increase the driving age to 21 with these 3 exceptions:
a. You are in the military.
b. You are in high school or trade school with a C or better average.
c. You have graduated from high school or a trade school.

These changes don’t cost anything, would improve our education system, and would reduce the dropout rate.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Would our children suddenly be without an adequate education? No, they are already receiving an inadequate education. We would not have to raise taxes, we would improve our children’s education, and we would stop the “tax and spend” madness that has caused our economy problems.