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‘Made in China’ on U.S. Olympic athlete uniforms?

By Kelly J Newson

When you see the U.S. Olympic team in two weeks at the London games, they will be wearing made in China uniforms despite the fact that they are also wearing American brand Ralph Lauren. So is it really American if it’s made elsewhere? It just has an American brand sewn on for its logo. Does this make it American? Shouldn’t it be made in America, supporting American jobs/manufacturing to be considered American? The Olympic committee should have made sure that the American Olympians uniforms were made in the United States of America. Now there’s outcry from Senator Reid (D-NV) to house speaker Boehner (R-Ohio.) Some are calling for the burning of the made in China uniforms while some are already beginning a movement to have uniforms in further Olympics made in the United States of America. When American athletes compete for their country, they feel pride competing for their country. So why not add to that pride by adding Made in America uniforms and give American workers that same pride in knowing they helped create something for their beloved Olympic athletes? So until the Olympic committee gets this straightened out, they cannot call Ralph Lauren an iconic American company. Your brand isn’t American if it’s made in China.