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Chuck E. Cheese to go from rodent baseball player to rock star

By Justine Espersen

The rodent mascot, Chuck E. Cheese, is getting a makeover. He is ditching his baseball look and transforming into a rock star.

CEC Entertainment Inc., parent company based out of Irving, Texas, is retiring both the outdated look of Chuck E. Cheese, along with the man who voiced the popular rat. CEC Entertainment plans to introduce a national ad campaign this week featuring the new and improved mascot as a cool rock star with his electric guitar.

According to the Associated Press, the new Chuck E. Cheese will be voiced by Jaret Reddick, the lead singer of the band Bowling for Soup.

A preview of the new, revamped mascot can be viewed on their Facebook profile. Their new spokesmouse is in silhouetted images with signs saying, “You’ve never seen Chuck E. rock like this!”

This change is expected to help CEC Entertainment revive sales to its 500+ pizza restaurants, which offer games, prizes and a musical variety show.

Despite the anticipation for the new release of Chuck E. Cheese this Thursday, one person is not particularly happy about the change. The mascot’s former voice, Duncan Brannan, published a post on the fan’s Facebook site stating he spent almost two decades bring Chuck E. Cheese to “a joke-telling, sometimes off-color New Jersey rat to a lovable mainstream mouse who could sing.”

Brennan, who said he had no hard feelings, discovered he was being replaced after listening to “Chuck’s Hot New Single,” which he didn’t perform, on Showbizpizza.com. However, he notes there were several signs in the recent months that hinted he was being pushed out, but was reassured he would still be the voice of Chuck E. Cheese, according to the Associated Press.