House Democrats push for a Federal minimum wage increase


Workers are fighting for a higher minimum wage

By Kelly J. Newson


Who says executives and other top office people deserve their bonuses when you have people lower in the company struggling just to get by? It’s a matter of an executice being able to purchase a nicer car over a family just being able to afford a car. They live paycheck to paycheck with none or a  very small raise you barely notice. So will house republicans find some excuse not to raise the Federal minimum wage and as they have been doing side with the corporations? Or will they come to their senses and agree to raise the Federal Minimum wage without any strings attached and just do this for the American people because it’s right?

House Democrats are pushing to raise the Federal minimum wage to $9.80/hr.  A push that if sent to President Obama’s desk could help many working Americans. Perhaps Democrats also see that adding to working Americans wages can boost the economy too. For instance, if working Americans had that little extra cash at the end of the month they could afford to go to the movies, shop and eat out.  Besides its these working women and men who help corporations rake in huge profits. They work long hours, sometimes overtime missing out on time with family and for a check that sometimes barely covers monthly expenses compared to what executives are taking home.

That remains to be seen as House Democrats work on a new bill named, The Fair Minimum Wage Act, HR 6211. This bill will raise the Federal minimum wage to $9.80/hour and will also increase wages for waiters and waitresses as well.  An increase thats long over due and have been stuck at $2.13/hour.  Waiters and waitresses will see an increase of 85cents a year till it hits 70% of the regular minimum wage of $9.80/hour.

American workers need and deserve this minimum wage raise. It’s their hard work that help these corporations rake in huge profits so isn’t it fair that American workers get their fair share?

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