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Media Lies and How They Are Created

By Randy Rose

Make no mistake the media is in the tank for Obama and all democrats, and this is their process. First, a republican will make a statement that is critical of a democrat. The media workers look for any way to call the criticism false or a little bit false. They try any way they can to protect the democrat. The editors then use the phony narrative to kill the true story and make sure that others do not here the truth. They then criticize the republican by attacking his honesty and integrity.

Examples include the story that Romney was outsourcing jobs calling him the out-sourcer-in-chief.

Finally, when the truth is heard, the media still runs with the false narrative. This is a tactic used by Progressives, and it works well to accomplish their goals but to the detriment of the people who blindly vote for Progressive candidates. Sadly, the biggest liar wins. Congressional District One will likely blindly vote for Dina Titus, not knowing that she works to take away your liberties. Not to mention the Supreme Court called Dina Titus a liar. I am sure she can take solace knowing the biggest liar always wins. The truth is the only thing that can create jobs, jump-start the economy, reduce retail prices 12 percent, stabilize home prices, and put a lot more money in your pocket and that is HR 25. House Resolution 25 eliminates Income Taxes too. The one Candidate from CD one that has vowed to co-sponsor HR 25 and that man is Chris Edwards. Check him out at http://www.edwards4congress.com/ and donate $6.00 today.