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Which America are we celebrating?

By Dirk Tejan

On July 4th, we all excitedly watch the fireworks stream towards the heavens. But do most Americans understand exactly what we are celebrating? The explosions were meant to remind us of the hard-fought battles to win our liberty. Has that meaning been lost?

What is the America that we are celebrating? The America of yesteryear? The America when government was smaller and less intrusive? When the rights of ALL Americans were respected by our government? When everyone knew the friendly policeman on the corner? The America where the small businessman had a chance to make it? Or the America of spy drones in our skies and cameras on every corner?

America is not just a geographic border. It is not just a cash cow for government freebies. America is our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. In years past, America was a country where the rule of law was followed, and the rules applied to even the highest officials. America was the freest country in the world. That freedom was what allowed America to become so prosperous.

In the America of old, the average Joe knew that he had the safety of the chains our founders placed on our government. He had the right to speak out and assemble peaceably. He had the right to be secure from government snoops unless they came with a warrant signed by a judge. No government official could lay their hands on him without a warrant or suspicion of a crime. He knew that if the government did accuse him, he would be afforded a swift trial, by a jury made up of his peers. Most decisions that affected his life were made up at the local and state level. His vote made a difference.

But now Barney Fife has been replaced by SWAT teams with machineguns. You can still peaceably protest but only after getting a permit and only in a “designated free speech zone.” According to H.R. 347, if you protest near an important government official (our lords and masters), you may be arrested.

The TSA can “feel up” even little children in violation of our fourth amendment rights. According to the recently-passed NDAA 2012 (sections 1021 1022), the Federal Government can ignore the Constitution and kidnap American citizens without a warrant. Then the feds can throw people into secret prisons indefinitely. NDAA authorizes the government to (illegally and unconstitutionally) assassinate Americans as well.

Numerous attacks have been made by congress to restrict the exchange of information on the web. When these legislative attacks have failed, the President resorts to dictator tactics by signing an unconstitutional “executive order.” State and local governments have become just extensions of Federal Government. When the Texas state government tried to shut down TSA groping, they were threatened with a Federal blockade.

Local business has been replaced by unresponsive, faceless corporations. Mom and Pop have been driven under by massive regulations written by a few huge international companies. The family farm that grew your apple pie has been replaced by the megacorporation.

So on July 4th, which America are we celebrating exactly? The Barney Fife America? Or the international corporation controlled slave state?