Will Mitt Romney or Barack Obama change America for the better?

By David Norris, Jr.

Who is the better candidate, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? It is difficult to decide who would be a better president. They both have good ideas and bad ideas, but one thing is for sure: The United States is experiencing many problems with Obama in office. Can Romney handle the problems better than Obama? Maybe he can. Obama has tried to make things better for certain people. However, there has been a lot of backlash in Obama’s policies. He seems like he does not have a definite way to fix the economy and other aspects of the United States. Think about the future. Would you rather for Obama to remain in office or vote for a change that may pay off in the long run? Romney may not be able to fix things as quickly as everybody wants, but I do not think he will leave things as they are if he wins the 2012 presidential election. It is time for change. We cannot afford to leave the United States as it is. Future generations deserve better. Voters have to make a tremendously difficult decision in November of 2012. Hopefully, a majority of voters will vote for change that may help the United States improve.

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