Apple’s Mountain Lion Ugrade

By Justine Espersen

After being more than a week on the market, Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion has far exceeded three million downloads, making it their most successful OS X release.

Mountain Lion is available for an upgrade from Lion or Snow Leopard, well worth the $19.99. It includes more than 200 new features, such as iCloud integration, a sidebar Notification Center, Dictation, Facebook Integration (coming in the fall), system-wide sharing, according to Apple.

According to TechCrunch reviewer MG Siegler, OS X Mountain Lion is “definitely the most polished and robust version of OS X yet.” In an attempt to make it easier to switch from one Apple product to another, Mountain Lion helps incorporate the Mac into the iPhone and iPad kin. With Pages, Apple’s version of Microsoft Office, you can make changes to a document on your MacBook and within seconds you will see the changes on your iPad.

Also, if you are logged into iCloud the websites you visit on Safari can be later viewed on other Apple products. These work similar to bookmarks or saved tabs. However to fully work, your mobile devices will need to be upgraded to iOS 6 this fall.

Another nice perk is the Notification Center. It is a side bar on the screen that displays all of your notifications including text messages and emails, acting similarly to iPhone’s Notification Bar. Dictation is also anaddition to the iMac and MacBook. It allows you to speak and have the Mac type, which appears to work impeccably.

Although this is not a major upgrade, it’s well worth the $20 to have easier access and communication among your devices.

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