Brave Minnesota high school student stands up to bullies and victims

Senior Kevin Curwick, a football player at Osseo High School, stands up to cyberbullying with a twitter account made to spread love, not hate.

By Albert Angulo

A Minnesota teen decides to do his part to stand up against bullies at his very own high school.

With the bullying rate growing, especially with the developed anonymity of the internet, teens and children have become victims of this sad phenomenon. With heightened awareness of these incidents, victims are starting to stand up for themselves, either passively or even actively working for a change.

How does one teen keep the bullying out of his school?

17-year-old Kevin Curwick has never been a victim of bullying. The popular teen and captain of the football team also has never participated in any bullying himself. However, seeing the growing rate of cyberbullies, he decided that it’s finally time to fight for the victims. Soon enough, @OsseoNiceThings was born, as a Twitter account that counters taunts with positive qualities of his peers.

“I wasn’t personally attacked but it just hit me the wrong way, these were coming out about my friends. I want them to feel welcomed, be happy about what they are and what they contribute to Osseo,” the teen explained.

Since then, Curwick has inspired a viral campaign, not only inspiring people across the country, but even as far as Australia and England. “A nice word can go a long ways,” he said. “We are a society looking for the positive.”

When his campaign hit headlines, similar movements were spawned across the state, even pushing other metro area schools to take a page out of Curwick’s book in the fight against bullying.

After a few days, @OsseoNiceThings even started catching some celebrity buzz. “I was telling all the guys today, Brooklyn Decker is following @OsseoNiceThings,” Curwick said incredulously.

The most important thing for the teen? “sticking as an action, not as a newsflash.”

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