‘Five-Dollar Doctor’ Still Seeing Patients in Illinois

By Luis Cabrera

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August 20, 2012–In Rushville, Illinois, 87-year-old Dr. Russell Dohner has been charging the same rate to the sick for the last three decades. The veteran physician’s fees are only $5 for a regular check-up.

Doctor Dohner sees people out of his original office located directly across town square on this town of 3,000 people. Much of the equipment used, like office cabinets, examining tables and phones are the same as when he first started practice.

Residents of Rushville Illinois have under Dohner’s care for 57 years and the Samaritan physician is considered a town hero.

In a country always debating about health costs, the good doctor is the real and palpable face of affordable medical care for locals.

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