Homeless man Charged with Breaking into LL Cool J’s home Faces Life in Prision

By Albert Angulo

A homeless man has been charged with burglary for allegedly breaking into the California home of LL Cool J.  Jonathan Kirby was charged today with first-degree burglary with a person present and faces a maximum of 38 years to life in prison if convicted.

Los Angeles County prosecutors are asking bail be set at $1.1 million for the 56-year-old, who has been convicted of at least two serious crimes.

Prosecutors say Kirby remains in a hospital with a broken nose, jaw and ribs after the early Wednesday altercation with the NCIS: Los Angeles actor.

LL Cool J, who play a special agent on the show, was woken by a security alarm around in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

He is said to have found Kirby in the kitchen, where he took him down in a ‘knock-out’ fight and held him until police arrived. LL Cool J is not likely to face criminal charges as a result of the violent exchange because detectives believe the actor acted in self-defense

“LL Cool J, and his family, are safe and thank everyone for their thoughts and concern,” his representative said.

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