If you’re Wealthy you Win, Poor you Lose: That’s Mitt Romney’s America

By James Turnage

I love to read.  I’m beginning to think I read too much.  I discover things about our country that actually make me sad. What I see on television makes me even sadder.

I read about candidates for public office wanting to take our country backwards.  They want to eliminate or minimize most of the social programs their predecessors fought for with enormous energy.

Romney wants to “get rid of Planned Parenthood”, a program which has helped innumerous poor women, and saved thousands of lives.  His running mate, Ryan, believes Social Security and Medicare should be changed in ways that would make them virtually ineffective.

Ryan and many other republican notables would make any abortion illegal, even in cases of rape, making the child more important in our society than the woman giving birth to it.  To one senatorial candidate, the child should be protected if it was conceived by a “legitimate rape”.

President Obama is being blamed for our economic condition, although he had no hand in creating it.  Our nation is slowly climbing out of it, but economists say it will take twice as long to repair it as it did to create it.

It took ten years to get us where we were three and one half years ago.  Our Supreme Court has allowed these lies to be aired on television.  They are not paid for by the Republican party, but by some extremely wealthy individuals using names of non-existent organizations that make them sound patriotic, although their only devotion is to money.

Romney wants to make sure the wealthiest of our nation get tax breaks insuring they will pay virtually nothing, while the middle class pays for their lifestyle by funding the government protecting them.

The entire Republican party is attempting to force us to live according to their religious beliefs, or so it would seem.  Their real agenda is protecting a class struggle.  If you don’t believe there is one, I’m afraid you are mistaken.

Money is power, and those with the most money are controlling your life.  They are trying to buy this presidential election, and they just might accomplish their goal.  Our citizens are so poorly read, so poorly informed, too many of them just might believe what they see and hear on television.

When communism was in power in the Soviet Union, the government controlled what the people could see and hear.  The Republican party, via FOX news, is providing the same purpose for the right.  The lies and half- truths exiting the mouths of their “reporters” create a division in our country that may be irreparable.  I won’t even give credibility to the idiocy heard on right wing radio shows.  Those lies are much more egregious.

No other country in the world is as homophobic as the United States.  What the gay community does has no effect on your life, unless you choose to be part of it.  We are supposed to be a nation founded on freedom, not a nation founded on freedom for one class, one lifestyle, one religion, or one sex.

I have never supported every policy favored by any single president. I stand on my record regarding Mr. Obama.  But I do like his slogan this year, “Forward”, it certainly is better than that of the other side which seems to be “Back to the Bad Old Days”.

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