Las Vegas Enertainers Join together to Offer Aid to Homeless Families with an Encore Benefit Concert of “God Lives In Glass”

“God Lives in Glass,” an original musical and theatrical concert,  will bepresented at the Judy Bayley Theatre at the UNLV campus on Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th, at 2:00 p.m.  The concert will be an encore presentation of the show which was presented on 9/11, 2011 commemorating the tenth anniversary of the events of 9/11, 2001.

The concert will feature a 50 voice choir, a 14 piece orchestra, and a 12 member dance ensemble including performers and musicians from “Jersey Boys,” “Phantom: the Las Vegas Spectacular,” “Vegas the Show,” “Tony and Tina’s Wedding,” “Menopause the Musical,” as well as Cirque du Soleil’s “O.”

“God Lives in Glass,” is a light-hearted and inspirational musical that was composed by “Jersey Boys” conductor, Keith Thompson, and was inspired by the cultural divide that resulted from the events of 9/11.

Tickets are $25.00 (senior and student discounts available), and all proceeds will benefit two Las Vegas non-profit organizations:  Family Promise of Las Vegas, which gives much needed assistance to homeless families in the Las Vegas Valley, and The Nevada Conservatory Theatre, whose mission is to elevate Theatrical Arts in Las Vegas.

“God Lives in Glass” (The Musical) is based on a book by the same title, written by the head of Drama Therapy at New York University, Dr. Robert J. Landy, Ph.D.

The book contains drawings, stories, and reflections about God that were created and shared by children from all around the world, from different nations, cultures, races, and religions.  The insights and visions of these young spiritual thinkers are funny, moving, entertaining, and often enlightening.

“Contrary to what the title suggests, “God Lives in Glass” is not a religious musical,” says composer Keith Thompson, “or a piece of children’s theatre.  It does take a whimsical look at religion and different ideas about who or what God might be as seen through the eyes of young people from all over the planet.

The Musical never attempts to instruct or promote any ideology or doctrine. It merely holds up the ‘glass’ as a mirror that allows us a reflection of ourselves, and as a window that lets us view the world with wonder, humor, and imagination, as seen through the eyes of a child.”

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