Obamacare Poised to Wreck the Economy

By Benjamin Gaul

Healthcare spending in America underwent a meteoric rise in average cost-per-person from $348 a year in 1970, to an unhealthy $7026 by 2006. By the year 2025, it was estimated that one of every four dollars in our national economy would be consumed by the health care system. That frightening increase was brought about by Government Intervention and well meaning but woefully inept bureaucrats. Then “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act” (Obamacare) was signed into law, and our doom was sealed.

Governmental tinkering in the Insurance Industry choked competition by denying cross-state sales of insurance products. Onerous bureaucratic requirements absolutely guaranteed the death of any small to mid-sized Insurance Providers by making only the fattest of large Insurance Companies capable of absorbing the costs of all the accountants, attorneys and man-hours necessary to stay in compliance. That created the very monopolies and cost increases which the government now feels a whole new set of bureaucracies, and the largest single tax increase in American history, can correct.

Health care is about healing. Healthcare Insurance is meant to be about VOLUNTARILY finding, from a large pool of private vendors in an open, competitive market, an insurance policy which fits your personal needs and circumstances.

Free Markets would ensure that virtually every shape and size of need would have a policy to fit, and competition for those dollars would drive prices down and quality of service (by the individual insurance companies) up. If a small “mom & pop” insurance company out of Ohio offered exactly the best policy for you and your circumstances, you should be able to buy that policy over the internet. Hospitals would find insurance companies willing to sell them “uninsured &under-insured” policies, for patients with more bills than money. No government necessary.

Older people could get tailored and affordable Catastrophic Care policies, younger people only need far cheaper Broken Bone coverage (who needs a colonoscopy at 22?) and growing families require cheap coverage for pregnancy, sniffles and braces. By making “everyone” pay for included services they currently have no need for, and then instituting governmental subsidies ~your tax dollars~ to supplement the inevitable lacks, costs become artificially jacked up.

If you don’t want insurance, you shouldn’t have to buy any. I’ve had
periods of time in my life where I did not have a car, so I took a bus and walked. I spent eons with the same “dumb” phone. It made calls, texts, kept time, woke me up in the morning, took OK pictures and generally filled my cell phone needs. No YouTube, Word With Friends, Angry Birds or Hulu; just a basic little phone that got the job done, because that was what I could afford.

Free market capitalism has been removed almost entirely from the current heath insurance industry. I wrote this article on a new Smartphone, which is lighter and thinner than my old “dumb” phone, and an absolute marvel of technical sophistication at its very pinnacle. I paid $149.00 and got everything I wanted. Nothing less. You see, there is very little government involvement in the “cell phone technology” industry, and a great deal of competition in it for my consumer dollars. Can anyone honestly say that I could have acquired this amazing device, with its hundreds of available features and undeniable quality, had it been designed and built by ANY Government agency?

Taxpayer funded, bloated bureaucracies need not ever be competitive, because they never face competition or a need to remain in business by providing the highest quality. They get our tax dollars whether they perform to our standards or not. They stay afloat regardless of their actual level of
service, and will always demand they need greater and greater allocations of resources. That is the very nature of governmental bureaucratic politics and empire building.

Baseline Budgeting, the policy of our Federal Government to fund every agency and bureaucracy at exactly what it received last year plus X%, virtually forces Governmental entities to be wasteful, lest they not receive larger percentage increases next fiscal year. Most of the proposed “budget cuts” you
hear about from our current administration, are only reductions in the amount of increase an agency might receive. If for instance, instead of getting a 5% increase this year the NEA were to only get 4% more than last year, they can say with a straight face that they “suffered a 20% cut” in funding. A concept only a bureaucrat could envision and enshrine.

To save our nation’s health care industry, and indeed our very Nation, we must REMOVE government roadblocks and controls, NOT increase them. Until and unless you can name for me the government service which out-performs, under-charges and out-delivers its profit and competition motivated private sector counter-part, I’m going to continue to call Obamacare a national suicide pact.

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