Premium Rush Review: Satisfy your Need for Speed

A great taste and a audience bursting into applause what was left after the World premiere of Premium Rush, in what might look like a merely sporty cycling action movie there were people wiping their tears as they left the movie  because this movie  on some levels settles and discusses a very  intelligent perspective that includes a very contemporary and delicate topic in  America today, ” Illegal immigration.”  Yes as you heard it, the movie revolves around that particular issue and while it doesnt really takes any sides on it, it makes think about it.

I don’t know how a film this entertaining and expertly made can show up the last week of summer, but I’m not complaining. Joseph Gordon Levitt, whose fine work in  films like  “100 days of summer”  went ignored by most moviegoers, has finally achieved stardom, and this flashy tale of a bicycle messenger who follows his own playbook is an excellent vehicle for his talents. He trained hard to look believable on that bike, and it shows. the movie is  just an hour and a half long, Like its hero, who rides a no frills, steel frame bike without brakes, on the streets of Manhattan made  his picture cool and contemporary, Gordon Levitt is effortlessly credible, on and off the bike, as is the always riveting Michael Shannon as a cop who’s determined to catch the wily messenger and retrieve the envelope he’s carrying. Dania Ramirez is a good match for Gordon-Levitt as his girlfriend who also speeds around the city. I believe you will definitely have  a great time watching this show  as I  did.


By Albert Angulo

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