Royal and Olympian Party with Naked Ladies in Vegas

By Benjamin Gaul

Prince Harry, youngest scion of one of the richest families in the world, and American eleven-time Olympic medalist (five gold, three silver, three bronze) swimmer Ryan Lochte, represent what is best about our species: Drive, ambition, guts, commitment… How could anyone be surprised that women are attracted to them in droves, and they enjoy the attention?

Prince Harry served secretly in Afghanistan when he was 23. He didn’t have to, but he insisted. Evidently, being 3rd in line for the Thrown of England comes with a few perks, but young Harry didn’t want to waste the military training and education he’d received. That is a sure mark of greatness.

Ryan Lochte I don’t need to tell you about. You don’t get to win even ONE Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympics, without being Number 1, in 7 Billion. Ryan won FIVE. These two young men are possibly the most eligible bachelors in the world.

They bumped into each other in Las Vegas. Where else in the world COULD they have? Las Vegas is the American Mecca. A city designed and crafted for the soul purpose of catering to the enthusiasms of a vibrant economy and the people who drive it. People come to Vegas from all over the world to celebrate, because Las Vegas celebrates better than town in the World.

New Orleans has Mardi Gras, Rio rocks a seriously colorful parade and Cancun does a mean beach, but Vegas never closes, never sleeps, never takes a day off and never disappoints. I’ve spoken to people in foreign countries around the world, who don’t own TV’s or radios, who know Las Vegas and dream of one day going there. Tell somebody you’re from Reno, and they’ll wax eloquent about their desire to visit, or ask you all about, Las Vegas.

So why is everyone all atwitter over two handsome, enthusiastic, healthy, rich young men, swimming in a pool and playing billiards in a private Las Vegas suite? There were Naked Hot Chicks, you say? It would have been FAR more newsworthy and shocking had there NOT been!

Prince Harry challenged an Olympic Gold Medalist to a swim race, in a pool crowded with women. Raise your hand if that doesn’t sound like a plan.

Ryan put it this way, in an interview with E! Online: “It was really fun swimming against Prince Harry. He’s a great guy, and it was an huge honor to meet him! I was surprised that he challenged me actually. I didn’t know if he had any skills in the pool, but I definitely wasn’t going to take it easy on him!”

Naturally, people posting naked pictures of Prince Harry and hot feminine company didn’t please the Royal Family, but again, that’s only to be expected. They didn’t like him actually Serving in their military, either. He survived that, he’ll survive this.

Lets just be thankful that men of this caliber are still alive in the world, and celebrating their lives in Las Vegas.

Don’t be shocked. Be inspired.

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