U.S. Women’s basketball team captures 39th straight victory

The U.S women’s basketball team defeats Canada and moves on to the Olympic semi-finals this Thursday.

By Kelly J newson

Not since playing in the world championship in 1975 have the Americans lost to Canada. Today the Americans continued that streak beating Canada and capturing their 39th straight Olympic victory.

The U.S. played with focus and determination. Though, in the beginning the U.S. offense looked to be absent. It was their defense that kept things in the U.S. favor and ultimately helped lead them to victory.

The Americans forced Canada into three 24-second shotclock violations just in the first 7 minutes as well as 26 forced turnovers.

By the end of the first half the Americans had taken the lead 42-21.

The U.S. Women didn’t have that strong offensive gameplay in the beginning as they did against China. Though, as the end of the first half approached the U.S. looked more like the team fans had just seen a few days ago against China. We must give acknowledgment to their defense for they held the Canadians to just 21 points at the half and just 48 when the final buzzer sounded, giving the U.S. Women another victory and routing the Canadians 91-48.

Next up the U.S. takes on either Australia or China for the semi-finals this Thursday.

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