Why don’t we make NFL officials accountable?

By James Turnage:

I’m watching the pre-season game between the Green Bay Packers, and the San Diego Chargers. I had almost forgotten that the “professional” officials have issues, and the games are using college referees.

They will make mistakes, but maybe fewer than the regulars did the last few years. Just to site one man, and he was not the only guilty party, I witnessed Ed Hochuli make some of the worst calls in the history of professional football, and that was after instant replay.

NFL officials are not disciplined if they make an incorrect call, even if it is repeated many times. Players are fined for violent “hits,” and many other situations that make the game unsafe. Although many of those instances are over the top, I agree that the game must be played according to the rules. So why aren’t the officials suspended and fined when reviews of their decisions changed the outcome of a game, and they were blatantly wrong?

Everyone should be accountable. I am a purist, I love the game. But bias by an official has changed the future of many teams, coaches, and players throughout the 40-plus years I have watched the game. Make everyone accountable. Roger Goodell must stop placing the blame for everything that is wrong with the game on the players, and forcing them to change the way they play. They were taught their basics as far back as Pop Warner. Maybe we should let all the regular officials stay locked out of the game, and replace them with competent ones.

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