Air Supply Rock the stage of the New Orleans ball room

By Albert Angulo

Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell are the two guys that make up Air Supply, an Australian soft rock duo.

They formed a music partnership way back in 1976. They opened for Rod Stewart in 1980 and finally signed their first hit record deal with Arista. Then, their popularity began to increase and they produced hit after hit.

Then, they broke up in 1986 as their audience began to shrink. They reunited and tried to produce another hit album, but that didn’t work. In 2000, they began doing summer tours. Now, in 2012, after 36 years of existence  the band managed to “put it back together” and rock out the stage of the ball room at the New Orleans on  September 2nd, with an electrifying night full of surprises and memories .

Russell and Graham returned and rocked out one hit after another. ‘The One That You Love’ was particularly memorable because they ventured into the audience to sing, stopping every three feet to pose for a photo with fans while never missing a note.

It was surprisingly touching, particularly considering the arrangement on the song was tweaked every so slightly to give it a more majestic feel. It just felt newer somehow. Same goes for Lost in Love and Every Woman in the World  both of which seemed far from soft  but still faithful to the original versions.

There were doubts about such a non-eclectic location  like the new Orleans ball room. But, wow, the show was one everyone should of gotten to see.

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