Bieber tweeted condolences for ‘Mrs. Bieber’ a 6-year-old fan who died form brain cancer

Beiber fan dies from Brain cancer, ‘Mrs. Bieber’ With ‘Love’

The  6-year-old who use to call herself ‘Mrs. Bieber’ With ‘Love’ Avalanna Routh died from brain cancer early Wednesday. Bieber remembers Avalanna as one of the greatest spirits I have ever known.’ Bieber tweeted his condolences, as the term “RIP Avalanna” became a trend on Twitter. “please pray for her family and for her. RIP Avalanna. i love you.”

“Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning,” her family wrote on Twitter. “Oh Avalanna, the brightest star — you took our hearts with you, our greatest love. “Her family announced her death on Twitter, and even once went on a date with the dream teen, and got the gift of a lifetime – a date with her beloved idol.

Bieber flew his fan and her mother to New York for an early Valentine’s Day date, where they played board games and snacked on cupcakes and candy. He later tweeted the date was “one of the best things I have ever done.”

Dr. Charles Robert of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute told The Associated Press Avalanna was diagnosed with cancer when she was 18 months old. “[She] responded to initial treatment for quite a while, but the cancer kept coming back and ultimately she was no longer responsive.”

According to studies the survival rate for AT/RT, is mostly found in the brain and is extremely low. Only about 3o new cases are diagnose in the United States each year. Currently there is no cure. The cancer institute called Avalanna a “very courageous young person who lived her life with grace and determination.”

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