“Alfonso Severo,” found alive after disappearance with hands tied and bit up.

Ferreyra’s muder key witness found alive after the disappeared on Wednesday night form his home. Alfonso walked by his own to a taxi with his hands tied and beaten. According to the first statements. His family repotted him missing on Wednesday night, the day before he was supposed to testify for Marian Ferreyra’s trial.

Severo’s son told reporters that last contact was on Wednesday night and over the phone.

“He called my wife around 10:30pm saying he was coming over to visit his grandchild. He only lives 10 blocks away. At 11pm he hadn’t arrived so we started calling his cell but all calls went straight to voice mail.”

“We have already called police stations and hospitals, but there are no clues about my father’s whereabouts.”

The automobile was found around 1:30pm in the neighbourhood of Gerli in Southern Greater Buenos Aires district of Lanús. According to first reports the vehicle does not present any signs of violence. Likewise, neighbours in the block declared that the car was not there early this morning.

In other occasion the family house was shot several times ever since Severo decided to give his testimony on the murdering of Workers’ Party activist Mariano Ferreyra by alleged members of the Railway Union during clashes between the former and outsourced Roca train line workers.

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