Carolina Guillén, the most versatile commentator for ESPN Deportes

Venezuelan journalist Carolina Guillén, serves as co-host of Béisbol at ESPN Deportes. In 2004, ESPN launched a network dedicated to broadcasting sports-related programming 24 hours a day in the Spanish language. Long considered one of ESPN Deportes’ most versatile commentators, Guillén’s voice was used to dub the character of Colette into Spanish for the Walt Disney film, “Ratatouille,” in 2007. She has received numerous accolades for her work in sports journalism, including two Premio Mara de Oro and six Telly Awards.

The host of Béisbol Esta Noche who has previously served as a field reporter and Sports Center anchor took some time out to talk about the last five years with the network, the recently announced campaign, and her career in sports broadcasting, her colleague Erin Andrews and her love for Los Angeles.

I remember it like it was yesterday when the Latin audience living in the U.S started watching ESPN in their own language. It was a big hit! She said. I believed in the near future ESPN Deportes would have more weight and independence as a decision maker towards more of a variety of shows and transmissions rights in order to gain a bigger share of the market. ESPN Deportes is a positioned brand and the entire Hispanic market in the United States will feel the need to have ESPN Deportes on their TV because it is a trusted brand that gives you the most relevant news in sports in your own language.

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