Mike Colbert sports book director arrested with five other in Las Vegas

Branca, Jerry Martin 0715140 10-25-12

The sports book director Mike Colbert was arrested Wednesday. The arrest was made in

England, Brandt Alan 1227088 10-25-12

connection to a warrant out of Queens, NY where Colbert faces accusations of illegal bookmaking. Gamming and legal sources confirmed that the charges involve Pinnaclespports.com. Colbert manages the M Resort’s race and sports book. He was booked into Clark County Detention Center Wednesday following his arrest at 6 a.m. seven other Las Vegas

Paulk, Joseph David 2861586 10-25-12

area residents were also taken into custody, according to Jerry Markling, chief of enforcement at the Nevada Gaming Control Board said Colbert was arrested at 6 a.m. at his home a short distance from the M Resort in

Colbert, Michael 1863995 10-24-2012

Henderson. He was one of eight people arrested in Las Vegas on the New York charges. Others were Las Vegas residents Kelly R. Barsel, 42, Jerry M. Branca, 67, Steven S. Diano, 48, Brandt A. England, 49, and Joseph D. Paulk, 35, and Henderson resident Paul Sexton, 29.

A phone call to the District Attorney in Queens was not immediately

Barsel, Kelly Rae 2861588 10-25-12

returned, but a news conference is scheduled for Thursday morning.
Jeff Voyles, a Las Vegas gaming expert with Globalysis said illegal bookmaking arrests are not uncommon, but a high-profile arrest like this one is out of the ordinary.

“If there’s any conviction whatsoever, [Colbert] probably will not see a gaming position again,” Voyles said. “That’s also taken very seriously,

Sexton, Paul 1630127 10-25-12

especially in regards to how close it was to what he does on a daily basis.”

Diano, Steven Santo 2861589 10-25-12

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