“The WorldWide Day of RBD,” will there ever be a reunion

“The WorldWide Day of RBD.”

All day fans have been twitting about “RBD worldwide day”. The first worldwide “RBD Day” was held on October 4, 2007. “RBD” celebrated the day with many fans in Houston, Texas. “RBD” is a national world phenomenon. It was a two times Latin-Grammy nominated, Mexican pop group. That Televisa’s teen drama series “Rebelde,” sold over 20 millions of albums worldwide.

The group was composed from Alfonso Herrera, Anahí, Christian Chávez, Christopher Von Uckermann, Dulce María and Maite Perroni. They performed at Miss Universe final in Mexico City in May28, 2007. The same year they were chosen to headline with Black Eyed Peas, they also did a series of Pespi commercials that air on South America and Spanish speaking countries.

Amount other things RBD performed at Premios Juventud 2007, and won 7 awards. They won a total of 24 Premios Juventud awards by then.

When “RBD” broke up they had 3 different albums in the top 20 for a week. The group has become such phenomenon that they been nominated as the best international song of “Tu Amor.” And In 2008 announce their separation.

Fans been waiting for an “RBD” reunion, the producer Carmen Salinas said that Pedro Damián, has been trying to get the group back together. But it’s easy.

“When RBD broke-up, my priority was to make it as a solo artist. I decided to take the path as an actress because that’s how I started my career as an artist. After finishing three projects where I was the protagonist, I would finally like to return to music.”

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