“Vegas Vernacular Project” Opening night at the Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art

interview : Claudia Ponce
article by Albert Anguo

“The idea is that these beautiful buildings are constantly changing the way everything always changes in Vegas and unless we do something to documented  them, they are all gonna be forgotten” says Amanda Harris, owner of the Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art inside Soho lofts. In an interview with the Guardian Express, Harris discussed the local’s first Friday 10 years celebration night and opening of the exhibit “Vegas Vernacular project” at her  Gallery.

“The positive impact of the Downtown redevelopment effort was actually having unintended consequences. We are potentially going to lose some of this history,” explains Bryan McCormick, one third of a triumvirate of local photographers, artists, and designers who make up the core of the “Vegas Vernacular Project.”

The “Vegas Vernacular Project” was created to document the hand-painted and lesser-known neon and illuminated signage of the city. The signs give the town a unique graphical character, often hidden from plain sight. Their mission is to show a side of the city few have had the chance to experience first hand, especially before it is lost.  The show is intended to make a difference in their efforts.

Amanda Harris Gallery


Inside Soho Lofts, next to the Lady Silvia
Thursday & Friday 6pm – 9pm
Saturdays 2pm – 7pm

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