On November 6 women flocked to the polls and made it clear that they don’t believe in the same politics as the republicans

By  Kelly Newson

On November 6, 2012 women flocked to the polls in droves and made it clear that they don’t believe in the same politics as the republicans have been going on about these past months. Both Murdock and Akin saw their chances of winning dwindle then disappear as the night continued on. Women do care about the economy but also care about their reproductive rights and equal pay as well. So women had a lot at stake this election and not all can sit at home as their husbands work but most women have to work and be that second income in their household or the only income while raising their children. So this past election was critical and women, young and old saw fit that they had to get out there and vote and not just for themselves but for their daughters, granddaughters and nieces. It’s clear women don’t want a room of politicians mainly men telling them what is and isn’t right for their bodies because of their ideology. Women can make that decision on their own with their doctors’ expertise.
So with that Todd Akin and Murdock both saw their races go down with losses, America doesn’t need politicians with thinking from the 1950’s. This is 2012 and if republicans don’t want to become the minority they had better change and let go of their 1950’s ways. America’s demographics are changing but so far republicans have refused to change with the times. Instead they hope to cling to their old ways and hope America comes back around to them and their thinking but that thinking is old and needs to be done with. The talk of wanting America back or taking it back is bogus and the people who say these statements just look at their background. Who are they really, and what do they really mean by this? Bet you they can’t give a straight, crisp clear answer without involving race.
So now America has spoken and has re-elected President Obama the most gay friendly president this country has seen and the least mygionist president too. America has spoken also on gay marriage as Maine, Maryland and Washington state have all legalized gay marriage. Also the state of Wisconsin has elected its first lesbian senator Tammy Baldwin. Which will bring the number of women senators to 18. While this number is still low, it’s still progress and we must start somewhere.
Democrats saw all their incumbent women senators hold on to their seats as Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Shelley Berkeley (D-NV), and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) all look to grab seats in the next Senate. Also with victories last night are Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Deb Fischner (R-NE) giving women 18 seats out of 100 in the Senate. Women have a long way to go before becoming a majority in the Senate as do the LGBT community; but these victories this past election are just the beginning for something greater as Women, the LGBT community and their supporters stand up for what is right and fair

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