Poetry: A Forgotten Art

By: Kelly J Newson

In today’s world poetry is almost a forgotten art, not many people buy poetry or attend open mics as they once did for instance back during the Harlem Renaissance. Though, today true fans of this art and the artists themselves are the ones out there continuing it on. Poetry hasn’t died but in a world where writers must write the next bestselling novel, poets often times find themselves having to get day jobs. While still finding time to craft their art and care for their families. The days in which greats like Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou and Sonia Sanchez first arrived in the writing world, poetry was in its prime. This was a time when poetry lovers bought poetry books and attended poetry events in droves. Now times have changed and poets find themselves unless they are a household name finding themselves to have to crossover to other genres or get day jobs just to pay the bills. It’s a tougher time now for poets because poetry just doesn’t sell like it use too but those that are dedicated to their craft still continue to craft poetry for whoever will read. Poetry may not be as popular as it once was but the artists of this fine genre are more than dedicated to their craft. As they continue to pen poetry books, host and feature in open mics around the world Take for instance Tamika Denise a poet and writer from East San Jose who has been writing since the age of 14. One of her favorite inspirations is one of poetry’s finest, Langston Hughes. Which has partly encouraged her in penning her first book “Love & Politics + Lyrics & Pain.” A book that speaks wonderfully on love, gives a different perspective on politics, and heart break. Some pieces even drawing and written while Tamika was on deployment in Iraq as a United States Marine. “Love & Politics + Lyrics & Pain,” is a great testament to the art that we all know as poetry and can be purchased at www.Official-My3Ls.com

Also raising the bar for poetry and bringing forth fresh poetry is Searius Add, a poet out of Ohio who hosts his own open mic “The Art of StoryTelling.” Next show is December 2, 2012 at the Sidebar 122 in Columbus, Ohio.
Another rising poet is none other than former Vegas resident Luis Marrero who hosts his own open mic as well, “Voices in Power,” www.voicesinpower.com

With these three poets continuing on the legacy of such great Langston Hughes and many others, poetry will never die out because poetry lovers will always have fresh new poetry to read and venues to see some of the best poets this nation has to offer.

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