“Should Texas be allowed to secede from the union”?

There Would be Some Good Things

by James Turnage:

I read the question everywhere; “Should Texas be allowed to secede from the union”?

Let’s look at some possibilities.

If they were no longer a part of the United States of America, their residents would no longer be citizens of our country. They would no longer be obligated to pay income tax, federal excise tax, or any other tax levied by their former country. In turn, their citizens could not receive money derived from taxes paid by the 49 remaining states. This would include social security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal highway funds, disaster relief, National Guard protection, and of course protection from our armed forces. All members now serving in the armed forces would be immediately discharged, not being citizens any longer. No retirement could be paid to retired military men and women, and their names and records should be expunged from all military files.

If their residents wish to travel outside of their new country, they should be forced to pay an “entry” tax. This would include air travel, and automobile travel. Toll booths could be set up on major highways near Texas borders.

Distributors of Alcohol and Beer could not deliver their product to Texas, without their country paying import fees.

They have never truly considered themselves to be a part of our country. And, finally, the good thing for Texas is that they could have George W. Bush as their president. He could do for them what he did for the United States.

I wouldn’t miss Texas, I lived there for a while.

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