5 Endangered Species in America 2013

As we turn the page to a new year, it’s time to take thought of the creatures, native to America, who come into 2013 with us. Here are just five endangered species to keep in your prayers. Let’s hope they remain with us a good deal longer, and maybe let’s see what we can do to help them along.

5 Endangered Species in America 2013The black-footed ferret aka the American polecat. This fellow prefers a diet of prairie dogs, hunting primarily by night. This ferret can grow two feet long.





The Indiana bat resembles the little brown bat except for its grey to chestnut, sometimes black coat. He’s best way to strike terror into the hearts of Indiana moths and mosquitoes, and we hope he bounces back strong.

5 Endangered Species in America 2013




The Louisiana black bear is a subspecies of the American black bear, of which there are fifteen other subspecies. Sadly, we could have selected almost any of the American black or brown bears, including the magnificent grizzly, and left room for the polar bear too. All are endangered to one degree or another.

5 Endangered Species in America 2013






Steelhead trout spend the first year to three years of their lives in freshwater streams, then migrate out to the ocean. Most of their impressive growth takes place in the Pacific. By their fourth growing season, they return to the stream in which they were born, this time to spawn. Steelhead don’t die after spawning as Pacific trout do, allowing them to spawn repeatedly. 5 Endangered Species in America 2013







The wood stork leaves us with some good news, as this fine bird, the only stork that breeds in the US, has been removed from the “imminently endangered” category. One day perhaps they’ll be a frequent sight in Southern skies. 5 Endangered Species in America 2013

by Todd Jackson

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